Covering some of the most varied landscapes in the world, India surprises you at every step. The country embraces the most magnificent regions within. A little exploration and some excavation lead you to some of the best off-beat destinations here. For those who are tired of the known tourist trails, the off-beat destinations in India will leave you wanting way more than you bargained for. These hidden gems of India let you explore raw natural beauty and unusual cultures, and experience plethora of new things. Glance down at some of the best hidden treasures of India.

Gulf of Mannar, Tamil Nadu

The Gulf of Mannar lies between the west coast of Sri Lanka and the southeastern tip of India, in the Coromandel Coast region. This is where you can enjoy a resort style holiday, away from the hectic chaos of city life. Head to the Gulf of Mannar in Tamil Nadu and you might even forget you’re in India. Imagine being surrounded by pristine waters blanketed with sunny blue sky. Pure bliss! Since this place remains undiscovered, there will not be any pesky crowd, which means you get all the sea life to yourself. 

Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

This is one of the must visit offbeat destinations in India. Northeast India is blessed with the best of Mother Nature. In fact, Mawlynnong in Meghalaya has been awarded as the cleanest village in Asia in 2003. This eco-friendly village exudes a scenic bliss that refreshes your senses. There are several waterfalls, caves, and the very beautiful Living Roots Bridge. Created out of the roots of the trees, this bridge is truly a wonder. It is inarguably one of India’s best hidden gems.

Patan, Gujarat

Patan in Gujarat is one of the newest additions to India’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Scattered with temples, underground structures and lakes, this town makes for a beautiful offbeat holiday destination. Patan is a treasure trove of architectural gems and ancient temples, and you will be welcomed by an ancient yet young and warm city. This spiritual city is drenched in the power of almighty, and every corner here will fill your soul with tranquility.

Majuli, Assam

This beautiful and unexplored “Cultural Capital” of Assam is the world’s largest River Island and often remains unexplored. Situated on the Brahmaputra River, this picturesque river island is blessed with lush greenery, huge variety of flora and fauna. Majuli is definitely a must visit for all those who wish to explore the deep-rooted culture and traditions of a community. Also, those who crave a laidback life must explore this gorgeous River Island in Assam. An interesting fact about Majuli is that it is known to grow about 100 different types of rice among which Komal Saul is a unique one.

Varkala, Kerala

Snuggled on the shores of Arabian Sea, Varkala in Kerala is a quaint little paradise for the serenity seekers. Adorned with clear, pristine beaches, hills, shrines, and lighthouses, this beach town is one of the best offbeat places in India. One of the must visit places here is Papanasam Beach, where Sadhus perform holy rituals. Even the adventure souls can treat themselves to activities like paragliding and parasailing. Escape the crowded city life and come to Varkala for a quiet vacation.

Lunglei, Mizoram

Lungleir is the second largest city in the beautiful state of Mizoram. Truly an offbeat town, this beautiful place is a mix of natural beauty, attractions and delights in the quaint corner of Northeast India. Like other Northeastern regions, Lunglei is also a hidden gem which is yet unexplored. One can visit the stone bridge and explore the Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to the unique species. Also enjoy a glimpse of the intriguing heritage of Mizoram through art, concerts and celebrations.

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

This place is heaven for those travellers who seek a dreamy escape from the chaotic city life. Solo travel to Kasol and discover things you didn’t know about yourself and neither did you about India. Unleash that undying explorer within you and make your first pit stop at Kasol. This place has been selfishly blessed with the beauty of Mother Nature. This is the perfect destination to relax away from the hustle bustle of city life. Watch the various wonders of nature and white water gushing down-stream.

Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh

The marble rocks of Bedaghat are a spellbinding experience to explore. These tall mountains are known to magically change shapes as you sail along the river. Could there be anything more mysterious? Visitors can also enjoy a boat ride down a moonlit night along the Narmada River cradled in the marble gorges of the Bhedaghat. Capture all the beauty with your eyes and build an everlasting memory to cherish forever.

Syalsaur, Uttarakhand

Syalsaur is a quaint little hill station in Uttarakhand. The beauty of this place will make you halt and wonder about the place and what it has to offer. Those in search of an adrenaline rush must visit this place. Syalsaur is also a place that has been selfishly blessed by Mother Nature. The greenery and the liveliness present of the region urge you to spend a few nights amidst the surrounding scenery. Away from the hustle bustle of the city life, Syalsaur takes away all your stress and leaves you with a sense of peace.

Nubra Valley, Ladakh

Nubra Valley in Ladakh is one of the most offbeat places in India. A true miracle of nature, this valley is a fusion of desert, lush fields and small town. A visit to Nubra Valley lets you embark on a journey of multiple attractions. Explore the desert complete with sand dunes inhabited by double humped Bactrian camels. At the same time, cherish the lush greenery around bordered by two rivers. Discovering quaint little villages at the foothills of ancient monasteries is one of the most blissful experiences.

Over-shadowed and overt, these places will leave you stumped with their untouched beauty. India is an epitome of tranquility, filled with serenity and bliss and a visit to this flamboyant country will leave you awestruck.